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Ruf NuKlz Grime Pax . 

 $6.50 for a pack of 8

There is nothing worse than trying to see thru your goggles, windshield, visor or electronics screens covered with grime, dirt, bugs or water spots. Ruf Nuklz GrimePax are easy to use and transport. There is no reason to carry bulky spray bottles and towels. We have the simple solution for just that. Ruf Nuklz GrimePax. Just tear open the individual pack and wipe off the grime, dirt or whatever you may have obstructing your view. Follow the simple instructions on the pack and we are sure you will be amazed with this product.

Individual wrapped 6 X 7 inch and folded into a 3 x 2 inch packet.
Cleaning wipes for removing bugs, dirt, and grime from windshield, goggles, lenses, glasses, anything glass or plastic.


250 individual pieces $143.25
(3 LBS)
500 individual pieces $260.75
(6 LBS)
1000 individual pieces $455.75
(12 LBS)
1500 individual pieces $641.75
(18 LBS)

Quantities listed above are approximate, items are based on weight
Shipping is included in bulk pricing


Ruf Nuklz Grimepax are an individual packed handi wipe for removing bugs, dirt, grime and whatever
else impairs your vision. Ruf NuKlz GrimePax Motorcycle bug and grime wipes are easy to use and will fit
anywhere. You can keep GrimePax bug remover wipes in your pocket, do rag, bandana, skull cap, bra,
underwear, boots, shoes, etc. They are small enough you can carry them anywhere. Grimepax bug remover
wipes cuts right thru the bugs, fresh splat or dried up. We have the best price and GrimePax are made in
the US. If you need to clean your helmet, windshield, glasses, goggles, visor, headlights, even your
forehead Grimepax individual bug and grime wipes will work for you. Safe to use on any glass or
plastic. If you ride motorcycle, atv, anything on or off road this is a must to have in your pocket. Great
gifts for anybody or a hand out for poker runs. If you are like me and do not have a lot of room on your
motorcycle for carrying stuff, Grimepax individual bug and grime wipes are the perfect solution.

Made in the USA

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